Recent Reviews
March 2019

The perfect spot to get away from the rest of the world, so peaceful, picturesque and secluded. The lake is much bigger than we could have imagined and lots of property to explore. Our dog had the best time of her life, getting to explore the property off-leash without worrying about running into other dogs or people all weekend. The cabin is very intimate and cozy. I especially loved spending time reading and sleeping in the loft area. If you are less of a camping type like myself then you may want to bring some tea towels, cleaning wipes for hands and surfaces, kleenex and paper towels.–Amber

If you need to get away from it all, this is the place. Exactly as advertised, an amazing experience.– James

February 2019
Lovely secluded cabin to unplug and enjoy the outdoors! Extremely relaxing and enjoyable stay

January 2019

I had a great time, stunning place! Got to see a moose:) it was so quiet and peaceful. Pete was amazing, really went above and beyond. I would 100 percent stay again.


We had a nice relaxing time unplugging at Porter Lake. Peter was very accommodating and helped snowmobile out gear in. It’s about a 30 min walk in from Peter’s house where we left our vehicle. We arrived in the dark on a cold night (-23C) and Peter had gone in before to put on the wood stove to help warm the cabin up. Very nice of him. There is no running water and we just brought in a jug of our own, no big deal. However, it had a very nice touches of having propane lighting and candles. The kitchen was clean and it had everything we needed to cook meals. We had two beautiful sunny days to explore the lake by snowshoe. Thank you for having us, Peter and Greg! Cheers!


November 2018

Great place! We went in for a week, should have stayed for two. The wood stove kept the whole place really warm for late October which was pretty chilly outside. No electricity and really unplugging was the best part for us. We’ll definitely be back for sure.

October 2018

I thought I knew what to expect when I booked this cottage via a referral from someone I know, but I had no idea how amazing of an experience I was going to have. This place is truly off grid, there is zero cell reception at the actual cottage which at first feels terrifying but the withdrawal symptoms subside as soon as you realize how free you feel. The cottage is very open concept which is ideal for the house staying nice and toasty from the wood burning fireplace. The cottage itself is well loved, decorated in photos covering the decades the owner has had it. There are tons of things to do on the property itself, with quick access to a very secluded private lake with a dock at Swim Rock. There are boats, kayaks and cables but you need to bring your own life jackets. You can also, go fishing here as well. We didn’t notice any defined trails on the property so we went to Restoule Provincial Park which was very close to the cottage. It was an absolute joy spending the weekend here, worth the 14-hour drive. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking to turn off and aren’t afraid of having a shower in a lake. p.s. if you have a truck or Jeep you can get to and from the cottage on your own.

September 2018

We had a wonderful stay at Porter Lake. Lots of hiking and canoeing around the lake and the water was clean and perfect for swimming. Such diversity of plants (including some white water lilies this time of year) on and around the lake, as well as some good wildlife spottings (we even encountered an otter and a beaver). The cabin itself had a great large fireplace, convenient propane stove and lamps, and the mosquito-netted patio area had a great view of the lake and of the hummingbirds flying around the cabin. Also, we’d recommend bringing a water purifier (or bottles of drinking water) and would note that this time of year (late August) there weren’t many mosquitos. All in all, we are grateful to Peter for hosting us and making this space available and will miss the tranquillity and beauty of Porter Lake.

August 2018

“This cabin was definitely exactly as described! We had such an amazing time with only the sounds of nature, and without seeing a single human being (other than ourselves) the entire week! Spotty cell phone service for us was also a plus (this way no one could bother us). Having the entire lake to ourselves was probably the best part! We took advantage of the kayaks every day, as well as swimming (no need for bathing suits unless you don’t want the frogs to see you naked). This really was paradise! Do be prepared with lots of bug spray, and bug gear in spring/summer. We found that there weren’t many bugs near the water though, and spent most of our time there, or in the screened in porch. There are also lots of trails to walk, so dogs love it too! We definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a quiet time disconnected from it all. Thanks Peter and Greg!!

“Our stay at the cabin was incredible. We arrived and found that the location and cabin were exactly as described. The one thing the description failed to capture is just how beautiful and quiet the location is. We (myself and 2 co-workers) went to the cabin to unplug and relax for a couple of nights and were able to do just that. We were amazed at just how private the lake is. I wouldn’t hesitate to book the cabin again and will likely do so in the future.”

July 2018

An amazing place to rediscover yourself. NO WIFI. FANTASTIC!!! Just peace and quiet. Seriously, my blood pressure dropped 10 points upon my return. I would also recommend this place for any couple looking to reconnect. Just bring plenty of bug stuff and mosquito coils and the yellow candles. If you’re being driven in by Peter, bring at least 6 blocks of ice. Carmen and I can hardly wait to go back. One word. Epic.

May 2018

Here’s what Larissa wrote
“Once again our stay at Porter Lake was amazing. This is the perfect little off-grid, nature getaway – no neighbours, no noise, no fuss. We love the rustic experience of staying here, and the simple luxuries found in the cabin (hand push espresso-mmm). Plus the locals are friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a quiet place to get away from it all, and love the woods!”

April 2018

“We had such a wonderful time at the cabin. We were looking for an off the grid, secluded, rustic, and charming cabin and we got exactly what we were looking for. Peter and his family were extremely welcoming and helpful when we arrived in a somewhat unexpected early spring storm. Thankfully Peter was able to drive us into and out of the cabin on his ATV, because there was a few feet of fresh snow that would have made hiking in difficult. We loved the ATV ride, as it made the experience even better. There were snowshoes available in the cabin and we had a delightful walk through the woods, which was a beautiful winter wonderland at the time. The wood stove did a good job at keeping us warm, and the new outhouse was very clean. Upon our arrival, we discovered a squirrel was living in the cabin, but that can be expected in the winter, and we didn’t see him again during our trip. Although the lake was very frozen, there was plenty of snow around to melt for water. Peter and his family were extremely helpful again when we were leaving and needed a nudge out of the snow that had accumulated around our car. The quiet solitude, stunning scenery, and charming cabin left us with fantastic memories and we hope to come back again.”

March 2018

Amazing stay, even for one night. The quiet for me was unexplainable and exactly what I was looking for when booking during transit. I booked again for Canada Day. Activities you may do when your here include hiking, snow shoeing, fishing, ice fishing, canoeing, fires, reading, board games, darts, and much more. All these things were provided on site..either in the house or on the dock. Thank you for your trust, and hospitality. A gem of a place – and the visitors/Peter keep it as clean as possible for sure. Bring bait if fishing, bring life jackets if canoeing, bring lots of water during the winter, as the tank does not get filled during the winter season. We were lucky to have augered a hole for fishing, so we shuttled water back and forth for dishes. Spices and oil and other stuff neatly found on the shelves are expired, so be cautious before re-using other people left behind items.


An old school 8 mm movie shot by Jon Sturge a few years back. Porter Lake is a special place for making memories that last and having simple fun with friends and family.

August 2018-Special Guests from St. Lucia


Ralph Waldo Emerson–Woodnotes

Where from a hundred lakes young rivers sprang;
He trode the unplanted forest floor, whereon
The all-seeing sun for ages hath not shone;
Where feeds the moose, and walks the surly bear,
And up the tall mast runs the woodpecker.
He saw beneath dim aisles, in odorous beds,
The slight Linnæa hang its twin-born heads,
And blessed the monument of the man of flowers,
Which breathes his sweet fame through the northern bowers.
He heard, when in the grove, at intervals,
With sudden roar the aged pine-tree falls,—
One crash, the death-hymn of the perfect tree,
Declares the close of its green century.
Low lies the plant to whose creation went
Sweet influence from every element;
Whose living towers the years conspired to build,
Whose giddy top the morning loved to gild.